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4 Rituals to transform your level of Energy and Well-being

One of the most powerful tools there is to achieve change  is changing the mindset or the approach to thinking through which you think about that goal.

For example, notice the great difference between these three frames of thought about the same challenge that we have in mind: start running.

Most of us think in these terms:

“I have to start running NOW to lose the extra kilos”

This mindset is very demanding, uninspiring, and judgmental. At the slightest change, we will stop running because the frame of thought in which I have set the goal is very poor.

Another mental framework would be this:

“I want to start running to train my body, strengthen it, generate more oxygen so that my cells are well nourished, feel strong and vital. I also want to do sports to improve functions  physiological functions of my brain, generate dopamine and feel better during the day, thus building a habit that will greatly benefit me  in the short, medium and long term. The quality of my life depends a lot on the quality of my physical condition.  “

And if we go a bit further, we could even reframe it like this:

“Run for  me it’s like breathing, it’s a ritual  more in my day to take care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Learning to establish this new way of taking care of myself to generate energy and vitality is crucial to maintaining and caring for my physical body, because my physical body is the place through which my life happens.  I determine and raise the standards by which I want to live my life.”

Do you see that the framework of thought and approach is very different in these three examples?

And this is where RITUALS come in.

According to Wikipedia: “…Rituals are sets of actions that are related to beliefs, therefore, they are special actions, different from ordinary ones, even when they can be practiced daily…Rituals respond to a need, that of realize or reinforce some belief.”

My own definition of Ritual is this:

“A Ritual is a specific action that is repeated at a certain time, with a clear purpose and that gives a higher meaning to our lives”

Rituals are not habits, they are more than habits.

In fact, Rituals are a powerful strategy to give meaning to everything we want in our lives. They are a powerful driver to raise awareness of a new way of being and doing in your daily actions.

The Rituals make you change that mental framework to make an important and sustainable change over time.

It is not about creating particularly sophisticated Rituals and for which we need large resources. On the contrary, it is about taking anything we want to do in our lives to another level of consciousness, from a small daily action, to creating a new habit that you want to integrate.

They are a source of inspiration to recover a sacred part of yourself that you have forgotten, but that exists. And this sacred part is what leads us to do things from the present, from the normal but with courage, from giving ourselves body and soul to small things, from the beauty of the moment.

What I propose is that you stop thinking small and from scarcity, and start thinking  giving a greater meaning to what you want to undertake, whether it is a new physical state, a new relationship, a new professional project. , or even a new way of thinking.

Raise the bar of what you consider acceptable in your life and CREATE RITUALS that help you do so.

Rituals are designed and chosen consciously,  and as we incorporate them into our lives through repetition over time, they penetrate our subconscious.

Thus, from the perspective of neuroscience, in the same way that a behavior learned since we were little is reflected in a series of routes or neuronal avenues already established in our brain, our RITUAL, that is, that specific action at a given moment, will begin to create a new neural avenue in our brain that will result in a new learned behavior.

Repetition is the key to creating new behaviors, hence the effectiveness of Daily or Weekly Rituals.

This new learned behavior will already be available to us at any time, and we will be able to access it without spending any energy because we will have already integrated it into our way of being and doing.

Therefore, incorporating Rituals or small actions with purpose, in our daily life  allows us to achieve extraordinary results with a minimum investment of time.

Yogi Bajan, one of the Yoga teachers and  The most important spiritual leader of the 20th century who introduced the technology of Kundalini Yoga in the West, stated that ” a new habit is a chain reaction between the mind, the glandular system and the nervous system”, and that through the creation of habits, we can create lasting change at the cellular level, which is undeniably embedded in the foundation of our system.

Here, I want to assume, when referring to habit, we can see it as the result of the repetitions of our created Rituals.

The fact of carrying out a Ritual leads us to connect with the present, it is an action of FULL ATTENTION in every rule.

The most particular thing about a Ritual is that we do not set EXPECTATIONS in achieving a specific result, but rather we do it for the mere fact of ENJOYING that moment and giving it to ourselves. Obviously, repeated action over time will bring us the desired benefits, yes or yes, but they will come on their own and when we least realize it we will already be in that new state we wanted to reach.

I invite you to read these 4 Rituals that will transform your level of energy and well-being to give your best in your work and in your personal facet:


Sleeping more and better will radically change your life. Sleep studies have shown the serious consequences of depriving ourselves of a quality night’s rest. Some of them are:

a. The immune system deteriorates in people who sleep less than 7 or 8 hours, that is, you are more vulnerable to diseases.

b. Peptin levels in our body decrease, which is the hormone that detects when we are full. For this reason, when we sleep little or badly, the body asks us to eat more, especially by ingesting more sugars and more carbohydrates, which makes us gain weight quickly.

There are studies that show the relationship between lack of sleep and obesity.

c. It is also during sleep that much of the learning process occurs: during the day  we acquire knowledge, but it is later during sleep that the memory is processed, stabilized and consolidated. Lack of sleep causes a low cognitive performance, a lack of learning capacity and data retention, and an irritable emotional state.

I propose this RITUAL:

Go to bed at the same time every day, at least during the week, and try to go to bed half an hour earlier. Disconnect from e-mails, TV, social networks, etc. one hour before going to sleep. Clear the room of electronics and create a space just to rest. Take relaxing breaths in bed to practice mindfulness of your breathing and avoid brooding over any worries you have. A  As you do the breaths, you can repeat the following phrase to yourself: “I allow myself to sleep soundly for 8 hours straight.”


Incorporating this practice into your daily life is not a whim, nor do you have to do it because now everyone is talking about Mindfulness and it is fashionable. It is above all, because if you want to create a better quality of life than you have, and you want to give the best of yourself as a professional and in your personal environment, this practice is mandatory and should not be negotiable on your agenda.

There are many forms of meditation and places where you can learn and start the practice. The easiest for beginners is Mindfulness Meditation, which is what I teach to companies and professionals.

If you want to learn more about the benefits and why to practice it, I invite you to read my article  Learning to be a Conscious Leader.

The  RITUAL that I propose is the following:

Practice mindfulness on your breath in the morning before you go to work for 10 minutes, and at noon before you eat for another 10 minutes.


Eating less food, and with foods richer in water, makes us relieve the work of the digestive system, and have more energy for the rest of the intellectual functions that work requires of us. We will feel lighter and less mentally dull to be more productive and feel better.

Eating more often, every three hours or so, gives us a more consistent blood sugar level throughout the day than if we only eat 3 times as heavily. This way we also avoid having those mid-morning and mid-afternoon energy slumps at work, which are the most likely times to throw away sugars and refined carbohydrates.

I propose this RITUAL:

Have five meals a day by reducing the amount on your plates. Incorporate nuts in your diet for mid-morning and afternoon, instead of coffee with sugar or any food with saturated fats.

Nuts give you a lot of energy to continue with the morning and also fill you up for lunch, so you will need less food to be full at noon and at night.


Thanks  every day everything you are and have at this moment in your life.

If you create this Ritual of daily gratitude, your subconscious “is taking” the message and you will create a feeling of greater fulfillment and peace with what is in your life right now.

Being grateful even for the bad times and experiences makes us see them as sacred learning that we had to learn sooner or later in our life journey.

Being grateful for what we already have and are every day opens the door to becoming aware of all the good things we have and to attract greater abundance into our lives.

I propose this RITUAL:

When you go to bed, mentally review your day and appreciate what you’ve done, the people you’ve been with, etc… Here they include everything from your incompetent colleague who drives you crazy, to the Mercadona cashier when you go shopping. Each of them has a role in your life. Your partner because it reflects what you would not like to be, and the cashier because she is the person who helps you take food home to feed your family.

Thanks  the day that you have lived with the good and the bad, first because you HAVE LIVED it, and second because it is a way of being aware of what you want to continue doing and also of what you want to change for the better.

When you wake up, be grateful to start a new day lying in a good bed, at home, with your family nearby. That is already a blessing. Be grateful for the day ahead and what you can make of it.


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