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Building Confidence with the practice of Mindfulness, now more important than ever

Mind trained with Mindfulness = Mindfulness = Magic

This is how I describe the process and results of practicing Mindfulness meditation right now.

We train the Mind with Full Attention and we have Magical results after daily practice.

It is always like that, although when you have challenging situations in front of you, it is even more evident. No doubt.

The greater the challenges, the better the resources to tackle them.

The greater the challenges, the better decisions to land them.

The greater the challenges, the greater the capacities to train.

If you already practice, you will be checking it for yourself. You will see it by the mental and emotional state you train every day. For the actions you are prepared to take, and for the results that come as a consequence.

When things get ugly out there, our first responsibility is to take care of ourselves, nurturing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state.

This is our great priority in order to sustain our own evolution, and the evolution of those we care for at home, and of the people we lead in our teams.

The greater the challenge, the greater must be our level of Well-being and Consciousness on which we think, feel and act.

The greater the challenge, the greater the level of well-being and awareness of our teams must be to think, feel and act.

Right now we are facing a profound change on many levels. At a corporate level, some of the challenges that companies face right now are:

1.- Paradigm shift

2.- Need to increase levels of flexibility and speed of adaptation to changes

3.- Need to retain and reward the talent that has been valued in recent months with the Covid-19

4.- Increase the ability to Lead Change

5.- Increase the ability to Lead Change from one’s own Well-Being

6.- Increase the ability to Lead Well-being in our teams and in all the people at  the organization

7.- Increase the capacity of Cohesion, Communication and Team Alignment towards the current mission, if it has not changed, or towards a  mission redefined at this time, if necessary

8.- Increase the level of Conscious Leadership to work from calm, from the center of oneself, from the focus on what is important, and  from the contribution to the entire organization

9.- Increase the ability to generate open conversations, one to one or in teams, sustaining the mental and emotional states of each person and their own evolution at this time.

10.- Redefine the vision, mission and/or strategies of the company for this new stage

Our brain is biologically coded to keep us in our familiar space, where  we know and  we know everything.

He is not trained to flow in changes, to do it quickly and to install new ways of thinking, feeling and doing in the blink of an eye.

When we know how our biology works, then we begin to realize that perhaps to carry out small or large changes, we have to train our brain to facilitate that transition, which in the end,  it is a unique and very personal transformation of each one, from the inside out.

Mindfulness meditation allows our brain to create new neural connections, of which a great benefit is  that generate higher levels of confidence in oneself, in others and in life.

And seeing some of the challenges mentioned above, who wouldn’t want to train higher levels of confidence for himself and for the people he leads?

The solution is not to focus on DOING (which yes, obviously), but on training our BEING, our FEEL first, and then DOING.

This Doing is a Doing that is more conscious, more open, more creative, more flexible and more intuitive.

The solutions to  complex situations  come then effortlessly, you flow in your day to day from a priceless state of presence and confidence.

Training our CONFIDENCE now, in these moments of challenges and uncertainty is one of the most precious gifts we can give ourselves, our families and our teams.

Because that’s what life is: a challenge for those who decide to keep growing every day, and constant uncertainty.

The very nature of life is always changing. And this is confirmed by one of the great principles of Buddhism: Everything is constantly changing.

So now is the most incredible time to learn to practice this ancient science if you haven’t practiced it yet and haven’t incorporated it into your daily life.

Now more than ever is the time to train your mind to create internal states on a personal level that allow you to be in the present moment, without projecting into the future feeding your nervous system with fear, and also allows you to build with the practice day by day  mental, physical, emotional and spiritual capacities that lead you to generate a state of self-confidence that is born from you, and does not depend on anything external.

Training your mind with Mindfulness Meditation practices allows you to train a feeling of being at peace with what you are, with what is, with what is now in your life, in your work, in your family, in your moment… is to rest in the now as it is, without resistance, without struggles, letting go of internal conflicts and trusting in your abilities and in life.

When you practice Mindfulness and begin to find and feel that space of calm and peace of mind, it is time to integrate one of the most important beliefs that you can incorporate into your life: “I have the capacity and ability to manage any change that comes into my life”

I call this Trust in capital letters.

One of the clearest emotional competencies that we must develop to generate sustainable changes in our own lives and in our companies is TRUST.

Paraphrasing Elena Espinal, one of the most internationally recognized organizational coaches, and whom I had the pleasure of meeting last October in Madrid,

  1. “We have to work on Confidence in ourselves as the people and leaders that we are.” 

It all starts with us, by taking responsibility for our levels of self-confidence when our strength weakens and when we see the glass as half empty instead of half full.

  1. “We have to work on trust in our partners, colleagues and teams. “

This is so fundamental, and also so complicated at times. We have to trust our people to go through and assimilate whatever changes they are going through right now. Any complex situation they are experiencing. Giving that space of trust is the best example of Leadership that you can transmit right now. Trust them, and they will trust you.

  1. “We have to work on Confidence in the process of change itself”.

It is essential to be willing to feel the discomfort and assume the resistance that will emerge during the months ahead. This discomfort is the great indicator that we are growing, that there is room to expedite there, and it is where our brain “complains” because it is something that it does not yet know. Let’s give him space and time with the meditative practice to feel confident before any  small or big change that you want or have to undertake.

  1. “We have to work on Trust in Life. Let’s trust her, because life takes care of us.

Giving ourselves to trust in something greater than our own strength, our own will. It is trusting in Life itself. A metaphor that I always use is the observation of Nature.

Observing how Nature has emerged resplendent in recent weeks where we have allowed it to breathe. Nature is life. We are Life. Nature does not think, it simply exists, lives and develops at its own pace, without effort.

Again, I return to my thought at the beginning of the post:

Mind trained with Mindfulness = Mindfulness  = Magic

The Magic of the mind when we practice Mindfulness is that we create that  TRUST in ourselves, in others, in the process of changing LIFE.

You can’t afford  ignore it, live it and integrate it in your mind and in your heart.

A magical hug,



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