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How to make tough decisions

Today I want to tell you  5 strategies that you can practice for times when you have to make difficult decisions.

Making good decisions is key to feeling at peace.

Decision making is what makes your life the way it is, and the sum of all the decisions you make, big and small, make up what your destiny will be.
I repeat this last sentence:

The sum of your decisions, big and small, create your reality. And ultimately, they create your destiny.

Also keep in mind that you will always be able to change your mind once you make a decision. You can make a different one, take a step back and rethink it,  or rethink it from another perspective giving yourself more time and seeing when it is time to make that decision.

Nothing is forever and everything can be changed. Be flexible and compassionate with yourself whenever you make an important decision.Here I quote 5 strategies  that will help you to have clarity and make the best decision:

1st  Ask yourself the following: Does this decision  Will it bring me peace? 
This question is a very powerful question. If you apply it every time you have a conflict to make a decision, the solution will come naturally, smoothly and instantly.

2nd   Do this Physical test: Imagine that you have made the decision. Now bring your attention to the body and feel if your body is expanding or contracting. Subtly observe the signs, they are very subtle, but perfectly clear.

Pay attention to what you feel. Do you feel a sense of opening, of expanding, of even moving forward with your body? Or do you feel a shrinking sensation, sense that something closes inside you, or even that your body tends to go backwards?

The information is buried in our physical body, we just need to pay attention and listen to it.

3rd Connect with the wisdom of your heart: you have the answers, they are within you.

This tool must be practiced often to access your inner wisdom whenever you want, 24/7. Stand up, sit in a quiet place, and listen to your heart to know your  own truth. Put your hands on your heart and ask yourself: what do I really want?

If the three above are not enough for you:

4th Think of the worst possible scenario . What is the worst that could happen if I make the decision? Describe it with paper and pen. What would that situation mean to you emotionally, personally, financially, professionally? Would it be reversible?

When you have described the above well,  define  below, how you would handle that situation specifically, step by step to get back up and moving forward. What actions would you take if it happened? Be creative and realistic according to your way of being. This will give you a map to handle uncertainty  and possible alternatives in advance.

If in the end you see that the risk you assume is greater than what you are willing to lose. The decision is clear, isn’t it?

5th Try before deciding:

Sometimes we cannot make important decisions from the head. And you have to experience them in some way, before taking them 100%. Is there any way you can test that decision? If it is to go live in another place, could you travel there and spend a week, a month to see how you feel, and how you see yourself? If it is to change jobs, could you try beforehand through a scholarship or volunteering?…

Also keep in mind that you will always be able to change your mind once you make a decision, and make a different one, take a step back or rethink it from another perspective later.

Nothing is forever and everything can be changed.

Always be flexible and compassionate with yourself.

This is one of the greatest attitudes you can have in life.


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