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Rush to have, or Calm to Be

 “The one who goes faster does not arrive first, but the one who knows where he is going “ Seneca

Yesterday during one of the sessions of the Meditation and Mindfulness Program that I am teaching, the idea of Patience came up. And the truth is that I really liked it.

The topic arose through the comments of a student who expressed the impatience she felt when she had been sitting for several minutes with the practice. Her thoughts came constantly telling her: & nbsp; “…. that’s fine, you’ve already been practicing for 10 minutes and what else…, this is a waste of time… I have to get up now to start doing things…” She herself mentioned that she was already very impatient .

This comment led to a very interesting conversation in the group where more people also recognized that they were impatient and wanted to get results and get what they wanted at a given moment quickly, instantly.

Then I proposed to the group to make a simile: everything IMPORTANT in LIFE involves having patience: raising our children, getting our degree, being promoted at work, going through a bereavement or illness, running your own business… and yet we are not aware a priori of this, because the first thing that arises is the thought of WANTING IT TO HAPPEN NOW and that is when it is NOT HAPPEN NOW, when a powerful resistance to not getting what we want, when we want. This resistance makes us feel frustrated, powerless, pissed off, and completely shuts us down.

That very resistance is what brings us suffering.

If to this, we add the very dynamics of the society in which we are living, turn off and let’s go.

I have searched for the definition of Patience and this is what I have found: “Calm or tranquility to wait.”….and they come to me the head my grandparents, mine, and grandparents, in general. Can you imagine your grandparents living impatiently? I find it difficult to have that image in my head.

And framing the word in our day to day: Who said that I have to answer a WhatsApp the second after receiving it? Why do we get hooked on answering immediately, distracting our attention from what we are doing at that moment? How do we judge someone to whom we have written an e-mail with a request of any kind and they do not answer us in 24-48 hours? What do we think of our boss and when the promotion that they had told us about does not arrive? How do we judge ourselves for not having achieved, when we wanted, the objectives we had set for ourselves?

That need for immediacy, for the Now – Here and Now of the world in which we are living is literally leading us to unprecedented dispersion and mental agitation, to not find our own space or time, to saturate ourselves with unnecessary information for our well-being, to believe that if we do not respond, make or call immediately they will judge us, they will not love us and we will be rejected or we’re not going to be good enough. That’s the bottom line.

That is why it is so important Be Patient with our goals in life and also with the little things of everyday life. Being patient from the security and calm of the tree that grows at its own pace, from the seed that is planted and needs to be watered often, from the child who is learning to write, from the adult who is learning to be in the world , and from the wise old man who knows that what is truly important is every second spent in peace, alone, or with his loved ones.

I invite you to introduce the word Patience in your life. For the small and for the big. You will create more space so that everything you want comes at its perfect time, in the perfect way. To be able to be at peace with what you have in your life right now.


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Rush to have, or Calm to Be

 “The one who goes faster does not arrive first, but the one who knows where he is going “ Seneca Yesterday during one of the sessions

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