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The Secret to go to a better situation, and not die trying

Most of the time we are thinking about taking our next step, getting the position that will give me more income and reputation, meeting someone who makes me happy, finishing the project in the I’m about to go to the next one…

And we are missing the Present.

It is being in the Present when we begin to accept what is there.

It is in the Present that we find the peace to see clearly.

It is in the Present that the door is to the changes that our hearts really want.

The question is, why is it so hard to be in the now?

Because the normal activity of our mind is to be in the past or in the future.

Bringing it to the present is a training that must be practiced constantly…. and this is the only way to enter the Now, and to find that door to the next thing that has to come… without forcing, without escaping… without suffering, without waiting.

And you may ask yourself, how can I be okay now with the situation I have, with the salary I have, with the partner I have, with the body I have, with the boss I have?

As our mind is accustomed to constantly “searching outside”, we have the illusion that what is outside will soothe or give us the answer to what we want.

This is how we have been taught to see the world.

This is how we function in our accidental society.

In other parts of the world, and for centuries, this way of seeing life and ourselves is not like that, it is very different.

Thanks to these Eastern traditions of thought, such as Yoga and Meditation  which have already come to the West to stay and transform the world, we can access this innate inner wisdom that we have.

Once you understand that first you have to be fine in your situation now, whatever it is, to go to a better one,  you begin to accept what is there. Accept what is.

Very few people know that to get to point B, you first have to learn to be GOOD at point A. This is the great secret of people who advance and evolve at all levels of life. Whether you are looking for a partner, or if you want to get new income, or if you want to lose weight, or if you want to change jobs…

That is to say, the great Learning we have to have is recognize the point where we are, point A, accept it, love it, without judgment, get the most out of the situation, and trust that something bigger is going to come. But only from Acceptance. And Acceptance occurs being in the Present.

We normally “plan” our next step at the level of thought, with the story of “this is what I should do next”, or “this is what has to happen now”. And we’re leaving a lot of information behind.

Sometimes, it’s better not to know where you’re going to go, what your next step is. Let go of the conditioning of “having to know”. It is simply taking those steps, in the right direction, to finally see that you have arrived at an unimaginable, great and wonderful place.

And on top of that without planning it!

I’ll tell you what happened to me this last weekend:

I went to the Pyrenees with a friend. We went on an excursion, and luckily she didn’t tell me where we were going, or how long it would take, or the climb we had to do.

If I had known beforehand, it is most likely that I would have said no… but I limited myself to not asking, to live in the present, and to let myself be carried away by the direction and the illusion of taking a trip up the mountain to reach an ibón.

I just went step by step, enjoying the landscape, seeing the waterfalls, the incredible views every time we climbed higher…. 

We finally reached the ibón after a few hours of intense climbing… And it was great.

I would have missed out on that experience and those views if I had known in advance what it was going to cost us. But I just took it step by step, and trusted.

The important thing is the intention we have to go towards something better, when we take an action, or think differently.

And first you have to Love the Present.

As you practice being in the present, you will see that this state of presence takes you to another point B very different from the one you had “planned at the level of thought” in the beginning.

And here is the magic of life:

Because that point B, when it arrives, is something much more extraordinary than you imagined.

Love where you are, because it is your stepping stone to the next one.

Love who you’re with, because they’re in your life for something.

Love what you are, because you will realize that your Essence is more than enough to achieve everything you want.


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