Sonia Úbeda – Embrace and Lead

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My purpose is to accompany you, as a leader,  and your organization to lead from higher levels of Consciousness, Inner Peace, Agility and with extraordinary Energy.
My mission is to Renew, Energize and Transform your people and teams towards their next version, creating cultures of Well-being and Conscious Leadership for your organization.


Empower the management teams and the rest of your organization so that they work and lead from more states of calmness, agility and vision that these moments demand. It has a highly positive impact on your teams and in building your Well-being and Conscious Leadership culture.


It is the program that will help you give life to your new version of you, of your Leadership, the one that you already know exists in potential. By integrating energetic and spiritual or multidimensional work, in your day to day life, the one your are looking for, you will access to your wiser and more expanded version of you, so you can thrive towards your next version highly inspired.


You have a natural drive to grow and move forward. Your commitment and my expertise will create the easy steps to be the person you are called to be, discovering the magnificent of what you have and what you are, enjoying your way towards your next You.

Clients who have trusted my services

sonia-ubeda-embrace and lead

Receive the keys to lead in an extraordinary way moments of change with greater well-being, energy and inspiration

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