Sonia Úbeda – Embrace and Lead

Lead from your Welfare

you + my accompaniment = awareness + direction and purposeful action = your expansion + results


  • You always want to improve.
  • You are persevering with what really matters to you.
  • Your level of self-demand with yourself and with others is high.
  • You need high autonomy and freedom in your life and in your work.
  • You like to be liked, admired and attracted in your professional and personal circles.
  • In moments of doubt and blockage, sometimes a great resistance surrounds you, but then that movement always comes from within, which comes from you don’t know where, and you take the next step.
  • You enjoy intelligent conversations, you like to meet new, different people, who give you something fresh and stimulate you to grow.
  • You always look for what inspires you to continue growing.
  • You create a positive impact on your environment and on the people around you.
  • You have important professional responsibilities, you lead a team, company or start-up, and you want to make yourself, your team and your company something great, highly productive and inspiring.

Even though….

  • Many times you feel a clear sense of dissatisfaction, and you don’t know why.
  • You are ambitious with your goals, and you know self-sabotage.
  • You know you need to rethink important things, but you don’t know where to start.
  • Sometimes you feel that you are not understood to the level that you would like.
  • There are times when you feel small in the face of the magnitude of the changes that lie ahead.
    You get up many times with all the weight on your shoulders.
  • You feel tired and without energy to continue at the same pace as before.
  • You know you have to rest more, have more fun and expand more.
  • You have a clear feeling that there is something greater waiting for you, but you are still not clear on what or how to get it.
  • You are afraid of feeling vulnerable to others by maintaining your façade.
  • You feel uncomfortable and in the midst of “sustained” chaos

You are Incredible, and ExtraOrdinary, although you don't know how much. Yet.

You deserve to be clear on your next steps, and transform your present moment into something big and inspiring.

You deserve to have serenity, perspective, and connect with your personal power to take the right action, at the right time, and in the unique way that only you know how.

My role is to accompany you so that you re-design your way of leading your life and your work, re-defining what Wellness is for you and make it yours in your day-to-day life to be an inspiring agent of change with a high impact on these transformation moments. Because there are people who need you.

From the inside out. This is the only way.


  • Mentoring and Coaching sessions via Zoom every Saturday.
  • Question and Answer sessions on Wednesdays from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • All sessions will be recorded and you will have access to them for life.

This program is for you, yes

  • You lead in your work.
  • You are willing to invest in yourself and in your present and in your future.
  • You are willing to step out of your comfort zone and feel uncomfortable in the process. (don’t worry, I’ll hold you with love ;))
  • You want to share a unique growth experience with other leading women like you.
  • You want to put the situation in perspective and at the same time make decisions with certainty.
  • You want to take better care of yourself before the situation overwhelms you, your team, your company.
  • You are stressed and the situation has already overwhelmed you.
  • You are in a process of vital change and you need guidance and tools for your moment of personal or professional transition.
  • You need to develop new skills that will make it easier for you to navigate the present moment with more ease, elegance and competence.
  • You want to develop Conscious Leadership skills to learn to lead from another space that is kinder to you, and that is in turn influential and highly powerful.
  • You are navigating delicate moments or transition to a new personal or professional stage and you want to have tools to do it calmly and clearly in your next steps.
  • You want to learn to stop, to be calmer, and to connect with the wisest part that always guides you.
  • You want to develop a state of greater self-confidence and live with a greater sense of certainty and security in your day to day life.
  • You want to know tools and techniques to train your state of center, presence and openness.
  • You want to become more aware of what you really want in your life, in your career or in your company.
  • You want to learn to look inside yourself without fear, and learn to love yourself unconditionally.
  • You want to expand into your highest self and cultivate your spiritual life as an important part of your leadership.
  • You want to create more time for yourself, your family, to have fun, or to just do nothing and be okay with it.
  • You want to continue to have a positive impact on your environment and the world, but without so much stress.
  • You have started your conscious path of personal and professional growth and expansion, and you want to continue investing in yourself because you are aware of the value that this implies in your life and in that of others.

"Lead from your Well-being" is a unique Mentoring and Coaching Program, where you will expand your experience of living in the present, you will learn to take the smartest and most consistent steps with who you really are and what you need right now, establishing a learning framework to lead from your well-being that will serve you for life.

Throughout 4 sessions, you will "get out of your head" and learn the tools and mental framework necessary for you to take your next steps with clarity, confidence and determination.

At the end of the process you will have defined your own concept of "Well-Being", and you will have taken the necessary actions to establish a structure in your life that allows you to continue developing and expanding your own growth process and your most Conscious Leadership, having a clear and highly positive in your environment.

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