Sonia Úbeda – Embrace and Lead

Mindfulness and Conscious Leadership
for your Organization

The Program is a unique experience for your teams where they will learn to train your mind through Mindfulness and Lead from the principles of Conscious Leadership in these times of change.

Your team will learn to train their minds to be a powerful and effective tool in their work and in their lives, become aware of their personal internal resources and put them at the service of the company, and influence their professional environment in a highly positive way with colleagues. , customers, suppliers, and other teams.


Calm and focus

Calm your mind and focus on what you are doing



Rest during the day and recharge energy


Emotions in your favor

Don't let them overwhelm you and make friends with them


Authentic relationships

Connect with your clients, colleagues and team in an authentic way


Compassionate leadership

Compassion is one of the best practices to lead with impact

Benefits of the Program for your team

  • They will know how to Calm down the mind when they need it in times of work saturation, stress and high activity
  • They will generate a state of absolute concentration where they are highly effective in your work
  • They will obtain greater mental clarity to establish priorities, make decisions and say NO to the unnecessary
  • They will create a mental space where creativity and problem solving arise spontaneously and naturally
  • They will know how to manage emotions without letting themselves fall prey to them and not be controlled
  • They will rest deeply when they need to with just a few minutes of practice
  • They will know how your brain works when you practice Meditation. This way they will be able to understand the reason for the practices on a day-to-day basis
  • They will relate from their most authentic SELF, with more empathy and compassion, creating truer and more effective relationships at work, whether they work face-to-face or remotely
  • They will learn to influence their environment with clients, suppliers or other colleagues and have a positive impact as leaders in their environment
  • They will connect with their Conscious Leader that they carry inside to lead from there in each interaction inside and outside the company.

Program objectives

  • Know what Meditation and Mindfulness are and how their practice transforms the way of managing stress and leading in times of high uncertainty
  • Know the basics of Neuroscience so that they understand how your brain works and how meditation practices have an extraordinary impact on daily life
  • Learn different meditation techniques so that they apply them when they need them, both in their work environment and in their personal life
  • Learn to be Emotionally Intelligent and how meditation develops essential emotional skills today to be a top professional
  • Know the foundations on which Authentic Relationships
  • are built
  • Develop to be more Compassionate with themselves and with others. They will learn meditation techniques to better connect with their colleagues, boss or team
  • Positively influence your environment from Consciousness and Compassion
  • Lead their lives and their professional careers in a more Authentic way
  • Give a Sense of Mission and Contribution to their work within the organization


  • Program that can be integrated by adapting the format to the needs and schedule of your company, from weekly sessions for two months, to half-hour pills for 9 months, through intensive two-day retreats with the team.
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