Sonia Úbeda – Embrace and Lead

Mindfulness and Conscious Leadership Special
for Management Teams, Leaders and Managers

Mindfulness and Conscious Leadership Special for Management Teams, Leaders and Managers

Mindfulness and Conscious Leadership Special
for Management Teams, Leaders and Managers

Mindfulness and Conscious Leadership Special for Management Teams, Leaders and Managers

Manage and Lead with Calmness, Clarity and Agility
times of high demand and uncertainty

Start ON-LINE Program January 18, 2022

Direct and Lead with Calm, Clarity and Agility moments of high demand and uncertainty - Beginning of the ON-LINE Program January 2022

This program has been designed, very specifically, for those people who have to deal with high levels of daily uncertainty and who need highly effective to maintain and cultivate internal states of calm, clarity, focus, mental agility and strategic vision in times of high demand. Also to lead your teams and your companies in an inspiring way, and carry out the process of personal and organizational evolution in an easier and more fluid way.

The program is the answer to how to learn to manage and flow with all the evolutionary changes that most of the management teams and middle managers you have had and have to go through to meet the external demands of the market. This program is the answer to go through all these changes, in an easier way, with the theoretical frameworks and the ideal and totally necessary specific practical tools to facilitate any process of change and transformation.

The program pays attention to how to train and cultivate that state of peace and inner calm, no matter what happens, it pays attention to training a state in which mental clarity helps you to make the most correct decisions, to design your agendas to enhance strategic and creative work every day, to innovate and provide solutions to complex issues, to have difficult conversations with your teams or colleagues, and to make decisions with more or less uncertainty . Everything Leading with capital letters from a centered space, of peace and also with high levels of compassion with everyone on your team and in your company.

Con este Programa tú y tu equipo directivo aprenderéis a:

Knowing how to calm the mind in the face of high activity and information to create more mental space and be able to think creatively and strategically

Train your nervous system to relax automatically and create a state of attention, relaxation and extraordinary mental focus

Organize your agenda for the year, monthly, weekly and daily, with a high level of awareness, only focusing on what you know is important and where you contribute the maximum value, learning to say no to unnecessary meetings in a highly coherent way and aligned with your mission

Increase your ability to solve complex situations more quickly and have more mental and emotional resources at your disposal to achieve the best outcome

Foto equipo 2

Having greater mental agility and immediacy when seeing the “forest” and changing mental focus and attention to also see “the tree”

Know how Neuroscience explains the high benefits of the practice and how some of the brain functions are enhanced to achieve better levels of health, personal satisfaction and emotional balance

Establish relationships of true connection and highly authentic with the members of your team, with your colleagues, with clients, suppliers, etc., which facilitates the quality of your communication, and therefore, the fluency in work processes and results

Have a systemic vision of the team to which you belong and also of the people you lead and of the organization itself to understand the power of Mindfulness in personal interrelationships and its impact on day to day

Train highly conscious and effective conversations, meetings, emails and calls with a significant positive impact on the results of your decisions and actions

Have a systemic vision of the team to which you belong and also of the people you lead and of the organization itself to understand the power of Mindfulness in personal interrelationships and its impact on day to day

Create a highly competitive management team in Conscious Leadership skills that are also highly transformative for the rest of the company's people, thus building a clear and very important competitive advantage in your market or industry

Generate a management team highly trained in Mindfulness Meditation, one of the most powerful practices to develop the ability to be Present, no matter what happens

Achieve unprecedented high productivity in what you do as a result of daily practice

Create a culture of Well-Being and Conscious Leadership by training “being well and leading extraordinarily”, achieving high levels of personal and professional satisfaction, scaling the practice to the rest of the organization if so you want

Take your health to another level, in a completely sustainable and inspiring way for your lives, families, and colleagues, having benefits in the short, medium and long term

Offer your management team, and the teams that you decide within the company, to have a unique and exclusive learning experience through my method, my experience and the program in Yes

Create a daily Ritual of yours, or yours, as a team, unique, that will be the basis of your personal and professional development and that you will have already learned for a lifetime

Integrate practice at the individual and team level in your daily agendas as part of everyday life

This program is different from other programs because it is a pure creation of my personal and professional experience in the corporate world and in my role as an entrepreneur over 12 years.

It is also different and unique for its broad, yet profound vision of what it means to lead, incorporating philosophies and techniques from the East, but with the practicality of the West in the business world. It integrates universal principles that enhance the wisdom of self-leadership and self-leadership from the inside out, and following with others, and the rest.

It is unique in its way of being transmitted by the clear and powerful vision with which it was born: to make each and every one of the people who work in organizations around the world lead from the Wellness.

Just these words are enough to understand my passion and my mission, transmitting these teachings to professionals like you and your team.

My way of transmitting theory and practice is one of the most powerful ways of practicing leadership from a space of self-care, self-awareness, self-respect and self-inspiration, and this is, without a doubt, Wellness in its purest form. essence.

The program is also different because I am different. If you like my energy, this program is for you and your team, don't hesitate for a second. We are destined to share a great journey together.

My way of working is inspiring and connecting with the vision and personal and professional mission of each one, and with the vision of the company, and at the same time, providing the specific tools to gradually transform your perception of yourself as leaders, and of the people and contexts in which you you develop daily.

It is a mental, emotional and spiritual training program. It is highly necessary in these times of change that push us to our own evolution, that of our teams and organizations

The contents of the Program gather the most important aspects of Mindfulness Meditation applied to your organization, and it is adapted to the complex context in which we operate today.

It is a transformative program that will be a before and after in the way you relate to yourselves, your work and your teams.

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You understand that your people are going through a process of high external demand and that you need to activate and awaken sleeping internal natural capacities

You want to reward yourself for all the effort made in the previous months, and the current ones with a highly beneficial training for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health

You want to have an inspiring and shared vision that unites you, that is executed on a day-to-day basis in a friendly and sustainable way

You are a team with high standards in everything you propose and choose

Foto general 23

This program is for you and your management team if:

You know you need to try and integrate new and different trainings into your training schedule, and you have a national or international team

You know that it is necessary to take care of yourself in a more intentional way and that meditation is one of the most important forms of renewal and self-care that exist

You feel that you need to be inspired in a very special way with experiences that are deep, that are totally practical and that make you feel heard, appreciated and valued on a more human level, regardless of the position you hold

You want to learn about effective and agile tools for stress management and decision-making

You are investing or are going to invest in the third of the Sustainable Development Goals dictated by the WHO: Wellness and Health in the company strong>

You know that it is important to develop skills and competencies for a more humane leadership, much more than what was known until now, where you see clearly and without judgement, the possibilities and capacities of all the people in the teams you lead.

You are open to implementing a program of strategic significance, aligned with your mission and with the vision of the management team that you want to build in the short or medium term

You clearly feel that it is time to implement this Mindfulness Program for your management team or middle managers, a program of total confidence, with maximum flexibility so that you can adapt it to your schedules and with demonstrable results

Deep down you know this is important and you don't want to waste any more time delaying it

You know that it can be a very special and unique experience for all of you, whether you do it in a retreat format, in company, or virtual

Program Contents

· Session 1

Create a calm mind to think clearly, quickly and make the right decisions. You will understand the power of the practice in organizational environments and you will train one of the most important practices of Mindfulness meditation to manage states of centering, calm and inner peace.

· Session 2

You will create a highly focused mind to work in states of Flow. We will see how the quality and quantity of your mental energy is key to redirect projects, meetings or people who depend on you/us at a given moment with total effectiveness and high productivity. Cultivating this quality and quantity of mental energy and knowing how to direct it wisely is the door to your personal and team satisfaction.

· Session 3

You will create a global level of energy, not only mental, extraordinary throughout the day. You will learn to consciously manage your energy to add it to your conscious time management through very effective tools for personal and team inspiration and motivation.

· Session 4

You will learn to transform complex emotions into a motor for your own self-leadership and you will extend it to the people in your teams. Mindfulness Meditation offers a unique experience in everything related to emotional competencies, and these are the most important that you can cultivate.

· Session 5

You will learn to see your colleagues, clients, suppliers and people in your organization with a renewed, compassionate and highly empowering look. You will connect in a deep and relevant way with your teams and create exceptional relationships. The level of engagement grows and the results resulting from these new ways of relating are exceptional.

· Session 6

You will connect with your Conscious Leader. You will align your personal conscious leadership and professional conscious leadership, with the vision of your organization, so that you reconnect or redefine your vital and professional purpose.

program formats

For your company


I will advise you on the best way to do it, adapted to your availability and agendas so that the program has the maximum impact and is carried out in the appropriate space of time.


Specially designed for your national and international teams. The online experience is totally effective and with the advantages of carrying out the internship from the comfort of your office and/or home.


2 days of immersion where you will be in a completely special and unique environment exclusively chosen for your training experience


If you want to carry out the program just for you, together with a group of directors and leaders like you, this is an easy, accessible format and with all the flavor of the program in your hands, from the comfort of your home, if you travel, or from your workplace

My story

5 years ago when I created Embrace&Lead and my first program corporate Mindfulness and Conscious Leadership, I predicted that in 10 years most IBEX 35 companies in Spain and internationally in the West would have Mindfulness programs implemented in their people strategies, as companies like Google have been doing for years.

In fact, the seed of my Mindfulness program was the thesis that I developed in my last year of training as a Hatha Yoga teacher, where I discovered my professional mission: to unite yoga and meditation with the corporate world. Hence the title of my thesis: “Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation as a value creation strategy in organizations” Yoga is recognized by the University of California, UCLA, as one of the most recognized Mindfulness that exist.

Based on my thesis and with the vital experience that life brought me to put Meditation into practice in a highly stressful period, I created Embrace&Lead and my first corporate Mindfulness and Conscious Leadership program.

I started practicing meditation because I had no choice. The intensity and pace of work to deliver results was so high that I began to somatize stress in a very important way. And I got scared.

Because I was in my second year of training as a Hatha Yoga teacher at the time, I decided to practice every day before going to the office.

I can only say that the daily practices saved my health and were "the pillar" on which I experienced a very rapid and positive transformation process in my way of thinking, feeling, doing and leading.

It was the most successful year in my professional career working in a multinational company. It has also been the daily practice that has guided, supported and promoted me in my role as an entrepreneur, now bringing the wisdom of the discipline to other companies and professionals.

It was an experience that opened my eyes. I knew that what I had experienced throughout that year in my work, the expansion of my emotional and leadership skills and competencies, would be highly beneficial for all the people who work in organizations.

And now, after 5 years of bringing the program to hundreds of professionals and numerous organizations, it is an honor and a privilege to create a more evolved, more inspiring, more powerful, more special and specifically targeted program for leaders like you, like you. , that you have the privilege and responsibility to lead teams, inspire them and take them to another level of satisfaction and personal and professional well-being.

Competencies and skills such as resilience, managing uncertainty, creativity, intuition, making decisions intuitively and accurately, cultivating inner peace and emotional regulation, are topics that you have on the table, both you personally, and the rest of your team colleagues. And now you have the opportunity to learn a discipline that will change your life

This is a very personal and very special experience that I have designed for you and your colleagues to discover a new world of mental calm and centeredness that will allow you to live and lead at another level.

My daily practice of Mindfulness Meditation has transformed my life, and has also made me recover from complex and highly demanding moments, where without the practice it would not have been possible to expand my capacity for resilience, patience, compassion, kindness towards myself, empathy towards others. others and above all to appreciate life as it is, not as I want it to be, and to flow in each moment, each season and each vital cycle.

Congratulations if you have read this far. You are more than welcome to my world.

It is a mental, emotional and spiritual leadership training program. That is why it is different and highly necessary also at this time.

Your investment

Investment in your company

We will be happy to attend to your request. We will contact you within 24 hours

Investment in you

We will be happy to attend to your request. We will contact you within 24 hours



Special introductory price

Until December 31, 2021

IF YOU REGISTER ON-LINE, how does it work after your registration?

The Mindfulness Meditation and Special Conscious Leadership program for Management Teams will take place for 6 weeks, starting on January 18, 2022, and will be taught live, in recorded sessions via Zoom.

Throughout the program, in addition to the 6 training sessions, we will have 4 group Coaching and Mentoring sessions with Q&A that will raise you on the practice, and on how to implement your conscious leadership in your day a day. I will be accompanying you in every doubt and question you have throughout the program.

You will have direct access to all the contents of the program for life, so you can review the contents and have the practices recorded whenever you want to access them.

After registering, you will receive a welcome email where you will have all the specific information to start.

If you have any further questions, write to us at< /strong>, I will be happy to assist you and explain what you need. A hug

I'll show you how

With much Love & Respect


Mindfulness and Conscious Leadership Special
for Management Teams, Leaders and Managers

For you


Welcome to the Program!
Thank you for being here and taking a very important step for you towards calm, mental clarity and inner peace. Your registration will be completed by sending your data and making the transfer to this account number:
ES02 2085 0132 6103 3059 4945

Send us your proof of transfer to: and you will receive an email with all the information about the details of the program.

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