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Rush to have, or Calm to Be

 “The one who goes faster does not arrive first, but the one who knows where he is going “ Seneca Yesterday during one of the sessions of the Meditation and Mindfulness Program that I am teaching, the idea of Patience came up. And the truth is that I really liked it. The

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Learning to be a Conscious Leader

The way we’ve been working until now doesn’t work anymore. A study conducted by Harvard Business Review of 19,900 professionals around the world, published in 2014, yields the following data: 72% of those interviewed cannot think strategically or creatively at work. 68% cannot focus on a single task at the same time

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Allow yourself to shine in your work

Most of the time we spend at work we have a mask on. This mask hides us from the insecurity, dissatisfaction, frustration and discomfort we feel  many times in our day to day. But this mask also helps us to  hide and thus cover our authentic value, our unquestionable potential

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The Power of Renewal

Human beings are designed to continuously expend and renew energy. What happens to us is that we spend, spend, spend, and we don’t dedicate  enough time or the intention to rest and deep renewal. The professional and family obligations that we have to attend to continuously are increasing, and we do

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4 Rituals to transform your level of Energy and Well-being

One of the most powerful tools there is to achieve change  is changing the mindset or the approach to thinking through which you think about that goal. For example, notice the great difference between these three frames of thought about the same challenge that we have in mind: start running. Most of

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How to make tough decisions

Today I want to tell you  5 strategies that you can practice for times when you have to make difficult decisions.  Making good decisions is key to feeling at peace. Decision making is what makes your life the way it is, and the sum of all the decisions you make, big and small,

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How to get more Clarity in what you want

Summer is a time when, due to the free time that vacations give us, we take the opportunity to recapitulate and reflect, or to become aware of what is going well, or not so well, in our lives. If you have taken advantage of your vacation, or if you still

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The Yoga Technique that changed my life

I want to share with you one of the most powerful Yoga practices that exist and that literally changed my life and my work. For that I go back a few years ago, when  I worked in the corporate world. At that time he worked at Tata Hispano. The company

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